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Blocked Drains Burwood

Blocked drains can cause a lot of trouble. They can interfere with your daily activities and even put your health at risk.

Addressing blocked drains is an unpleasant experience. This includes a kitchen sink that won’t drain, a toilet that won’t flush and a shower drain that won’t move quickly. They can cause many problems, including:

  • Water backing up into your home or business
  • Foul odours
  • Mould growth
  • Pest infestations
  • Structural damage

It is important to call a professional when dealing with blocked drains. Professionals have the experience and equipment to safely and effectively clear the blockage. Attempting to unblock a drain without professional help can be risky. You may encounter hazardous substances or make the issue worse.

Here are some of the reasons why you should call a professional when dealing with blocked drains:

  • Professionals have the experience and training to safely and effectively clear blocked drains.
  • They have the right tools and equipment to do the job quickly and efficiently.
  • They can provide peace of mind knowing that the job is done right.

If you have a blocked drain, don’t try to fix it yourself. Call us at Mr Blocked Drains.

We possess the knowledge, experience, and specialised tools to effectively tackle even the most stubborn blockages. Our team uses a systematic method to determine the root cause of any blockage. We use the most suitable techniques to unblock drains in Burwood and the surrounding areas.

Blocked Toilet Burwood

Blocked toilets are hard to manage. They can be difficult to unblock and may lead to various issues in the home.

Some of the problems that a blocked toilet can cause include:

  • Foul odours
  • Backflow of sewage into the home
  • Mould and mildew growth
  • Damage to the plumbing
  • Health problems for residents

To prevent blocked toilets, avoiding putting anything apart from toilet paper and human waste down the toilet is critical. This includes things like paper towels, feminine hygiene products, and diapers. You should also flush the toilet regularly and use a plunger if it starts to block.

Call a plumber to unblock a blocked toilet immediately if you have a blocked toilet. Trying to unblock a toilet yourself can be dangerous and unsuccessful. A professional plumber from Mr Blocked Drains will have the tools and experience to unblock your toilet quickly and safely.

Blocked Shower Drain Burwood

A blocked shower drain might seem insignificant. However, if it is not fixed, it can cause a variety of dangers and issues. Hair, soap scum, or debris can block water from flowing down the drain. This gradually causes a buildup, which restricts water flow. 

It may be tempting to ignore blocked shower drains, but it is important to understand the risks. This helps to keep our living environment safe and healthy. Neglecting shower drains can have serious consequences. Water damage, mould growth, structural issues, and health hazards are all possible outcomes.

Blocked Kitchen Sink Burwood

Mr. Blocked Drains is a professional plumbing company specialising in unblocking kitchen sinks.ears. Our plumbers are trained and licensed to remove blocks from your kitchen sink and other pipe systems in your home.

We offer a variety of services to unblock your kitchen sink, including:

Manual drain cleaning: This is the most common method of unblocking a kitchen sink. We will use a plunger or drain snake to clear the block.

Chemical drain cleaning: This is a more aggressive method that uses chemicals to dissolve the block. We will only use this method if the manual method is not successful.

Video inspection: is a non-invasive method. It gives us the ability to see inside your drain pipes. This helps us to identify the cause of the block.

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We deliver nothing less than the best services we have been offering our clients in Burwood and nearby areas. We are experienced and certified plumbers.

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  • We offer free estimates.
  • Our prices are very reasonable.

Regarding reliable and efficient blocked drain services in Burwood, look for Mr Blocked Drains. Our team is experienced and equipped with the latest tools and knowledge.

We can tackle any drain blockage. We provide fast, efficient, and affordable solutions for all types of blocks in your home. Call Mr. Blocked Drains today!