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blocked shower drain sydney

Dealing With A Blocked Shower Drain Sydney Problem?

Have you noticed that the water at the base of your shower isn’t draining properly? Seeing this is likely a sign that there is a blockage. Blocked shower drains are messy!

Most often, hair accumulates in shower pipes to clog drains. The hair traps soapy residues, fusing with the hair clumps to create impermeable clogs that backwater into shower basins.

Sometimes, you can sense a blocked shower drain before it happens:

Suppose it’s damp floors or walls that alert you to a potential drain blockage. In that case, you could be in real trouble – because the shower drain may have been damaged or collapsed.

To avoid irreversible damage to your property, you should contact a specialist Sydney blocked shower plumbing team like Mr Blocked Drains right now! Doing this will save you from a major headache and a massive clean-up bill.

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Professional Shower Drain
Unblocking & Repairs In Sydney

A slow, draining shower usually indicates a blockage of some sort. While sometimes homeowners can clear a blockage in the short-term using a plunger, a professional’s services are often needed to achieve a permanent solution.

A question that many people have when their shower needs professional attention relates to the options available to identify the cause of the problem and provide a suitable solution.

The following are the possible approaches our experts at Mr Blocked Drains use to get your blocked shower drain in Sydney draining freely again:

Identifying The Location Of The Blockage:
Before deciding on the best method to unblock your shower drain, we must locate the blockage and determine the cause. We thoroughly inspect the blockage using our top-of-the-range CCTV drain camera. Our high-tech camera can pinpoint the exact problem area in a concise amount of time with absolutely no guesswork.

Small Blockages:
If we find minor blockages in the “S” bend or top part of the drainage pipe, we can usually clear the blockage using a plunger. If we use a plunger, we will ensure the shower drains freely and overload the drainpipe to check the blockage removal.

High-Pressure Drain Cleaning:
We employ a high-pressure jet of water if we suspect a stubborn blockage or require clearing multiple blockages. Our professional high-pressure water jets blast blockages out of the way and suck detritus from the shower end of the pipe, where hair and grime can collect.

Drain Repairs:
In some circumstances, shower drain blockages happen due to tree roots penetrating a cracked or broken pipe. In these circumstances, we will repair the drain through our “no-dig” drain relining service. Drain relining allows us to repair your shower drain where they are without the need to remove the pipe. As long as the shower drain is still essentially structurally sound, we can repair it with drain relining.

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Blocked shower drains are a pain. It causes too much trouble, and the only quick way to solve them is by contacting our specialist team at Mr Blocked Drains as soon as possible. We deal with all types of shower drain blockages in Sydney. We know what to do; leave it to our professionals!

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