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Our team can alleviate your blocked stormwater drains in Sydney and repair any damaged stormwater drain pipes.

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Dealing With A Blocked Stormwater Drain?

A problem that is very common in Sydney is a blocked stormwater drain. Blocked stormwater drains can happen when dirt, plant material and other sediments mix over time to create a blockage in your stormwater pipes.

Stormwater drains carry water away, and a blocked stormwater drain can cause serious issues when not working correctly. They also carry away water from surfaces such as rooftops, driveways and footpaths.

In some areas of Sydney, the stormwater pipes are over a hundred years old! Blocked stormwater drains can cause severe issues and potentially create significant property damage. When you’re experiencing a blocked stormwater drain in Sydney, contact our experts at Mr Blocked Drains.

If left untreated, a clogged stormwater drain can lead to problems such as flooding and water damage. It’s crucial to face a blocked stormwater drain head-on to protect your property. Without professional help, blocked stormwater drains can become a costly issue.

We recommend you contact us to have one of our specialists clear your stormwater drain immediately. At Mr Blocked Drains, we use the most advanced technology in our industry to get your stormwater drains cleared as quickly as possible. Get a free quote today!

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Are Your Blocked Stormwater Drains Overflowing?

Your home’s stormwater drain is there to direct water flow away from your home when it’s raining. Your stormwater system typically involves a downpipe roof running to a series of pipes underground, which funnels excess water into the gutters.

Your stormwater system is required to prevent water from flooding your property. Flooding can cause damage to your property, be highly inconvenient, and create a disturbance on nearby roads, footpaths and neighbouring properties.

Particularly after a storm or heavy rain, you may notice your stormwater drains blocked or struggling to cope. Your stormwater infrastructure is designed to deal with excessive water, so if you may have a blocked stormwater drain if you notice:

In short, a blocked stormwater drain is likely why your house or yard is pooling with water after rain. So for your safety and that of the people around you, you must deal with the issue.

We Provide Professional Stormwater Drain Unblocking & Repairs In Sydney

A blocked stormwater drain is a prevalent problem but is also something you cannot afford to ignore.

It’s not just the considerable mess and damage to your property, land and assets that is the problem – even though it’s a big one! So you, your family, and the wider community and water services are also at risk of health and safety hazards if you don’t pay prompt attention to your blocked stormwater drains.

The most efficient way to get a blocked stormwater drain sorted is to have a professional drainage specialist examine it. Our experts at Mr Blocked Drains offer an affordable fee to inspect the blockage, including a thorough inspection with our top-of-the-range CCTV drain camera.

We will then repair and replace what is needed; if that’s just a small section of pipe, that’s what you pay for. So we complete drain repairs through our “no-dig” drain relining service.

Our high-tech camera can pinpoint the exact problem area in a concise amount of time with absolutely no guesswork. So we fix the issue at the root: no more blockages. So that’s what we call value for money!

Leave your issue with our Sydney blocked stormwater drain specialists to remove the clogs in the drainage system and make the necessary repairs.

How Do We Repair Damaged Sewer Drains With 'No-Dig' Drain Relining?

Traditionally if you had a damaged stormwater drain pipe, you asked a plumber to dig it up and replace it. However, this can create problems when the sewer line travels under structures such as buildings, driveways and pathways.

In these situations, you would need to dig through the structure to reach the stormwater drain pipe and, once done, rebuild the structure. As you can expect, this may be highly inconvenient and expensive.

Without digging up the pipe, drain relining enables us to repair your stormwater drain where it is. As long as the sewer drain is structurally sound, we can fix it with drain relining.

Mr Blocked Drains are experts at trenchless drain relining. We keep up with the latest drain relining technology to ensure that we offer our customers one of the best services in Sydney.

We can locate and identify any blocked stormwater drains in Sydney without digging, clear the blockage using water jetting, and then prevent future problems by inserting a robust and long-lasting drain lining.

How To Prevent Stormwater Drain Blockages?

Prevention is the best DIY solution for most things, including your stormwater system!

You can minimise the number of leaves and other garden debris that goes down your drain by regularly removing excess loose matter from your garden, such as removing leaves from your roof gutters.

Gutter guards or covers can help filter out leaves, but it’s still important to clear your gutters a couple of times a year.

Even if you take steps to prevent blockages, there is no foolproof way to avoid them altogether. Once a stormwater drain pipe becomes blocked, it’s unlikely to unclog of its own accord. The problem will often worsen as other debris lodges around the blockage.

Ignoring the issue and hoping it will go away can end up costing you more in the long term than dealing with the problem straight away.

What Causes Blocked Stormwater Drains?

If you are experiencing blocked stormwater drains at your Sydney property, you will probably wonder what’s causing the blockage. The most common cause of a blocked stormwater drain in Sydney is a build-up of organic matter like leaves, dirt or tree roots.

Blocked stormwater drains can also be caused by issues with the pipes themselves – particularly when underground and hidden from sight. Old sewer piping can become fragile, and any movement in the ground can cause sewer pipes to shift and become misaligned.

Organic Matter – all types of organic matter can be washed into your storm drain by heavy rainfall, a common cause of blockages. A storm drain blocked by loose organic material is usually easy to fix if dealt with promptly.

Tree Roots – Tree roots can intrude into small cracks in your underground pipes, eventually overgrowing to block water flow.

Water picks up whatever is in its way and carries it down to the grate or the pipes. The difficulty with stormwater drains is that water pours down them during periods of heavy rainfall, worsening the problem and increasing your risk of flooding.

Who Is Responsible For A Blocked Stormwater Drain In Sydney?

Contact Our Sydney Blocked Stormwater Drain Experts

While stormwater systems may seem basic, unblocking them can be extremely difficult and require specialist skills, experience and equipment. However, our specialist team at Mr Blocked Drains are the experts in blocked stormwater drains in Sydney, offering upfront pricing and a truly professional service for homes and businesses.

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