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Dealing With A Blocked Sink?

A blocked sink is as nasty as it is inconvenient. It’s not just doing the dishes that becomes impossible, a badly blocked kitchen sink is smelly, potentially very messy and damaging, and any clogged drain tends to be swimming with bacteria and germs.

After doing the dishes, we all pulled the plug, only to discover that the water was still there. Although every one of us uses the sink several times daily, clearing a blocked sink can be a significant hassle. Nobody likes to see dirty dishwater and food scraps in the sink.

Occasional blockages in your bathroom or kitchen sink are a fact of life. Localised blockages are usually caused in the drain trap or branch drain for a single sink. However, the problem may be in your home’s main drain or sewer line if several fixtures are either draining slowly or not at all.

If your sink drain is all blocked up, our professionals at Mr Blocked Drains investigate and clear blocked sinks in Sydney, preventing the problem from reoccurring.

We use preventative methods to ensure your sink drains will function adequately for years. It’s our goal to get the job done so well that you won’t ever need to call us again.

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Our Sydney Blocked Drain Services

Professional Sink Drain Unblocking & Repairs In Sydney

If you’ve tried all of the suggestions online, it’s safe to presume that you will need help to remove the blockage.

A slow-draining sink usually indicates a blockage of some sort. While sometimes homeowners can clear a blockage in the short term using a plunger, a professional’s services are often needed to achieve a permanent solution.

Our drain technicians at Mr Blocked Drains possess specialised tools and equipment to quickly and efficiently unclog a blocked sink. These include high-pressure drain cleaning jets that can blast out blockages without harming your pipes and CCTV drain cameras that can locate precisely where the blockage is and what’s causing it.

In certain situations, the blockage may result from a tree root that has entered the pipe or a cracked or broken pipe. In these circumstances, we will repair the drain through our “no-dig” drain relining service.

Without digging up the pipe, drain relining enables us to fix your sink drain where it is. Therefore, we can repair the sink drain with drain relining as long as it is still essentially structurally sound.

If you’ve got a blocked sink in Sydney or any other plumbing emergency, give our experts at Mr Blocked Drains a call. We have the knowledge and resources to swiftly and inconveniently unblock any sink or drain throughout Sydney.

What Causes A Blocked Sink?

One of the most frequent plumbing problems is a blocked sink, typically brought on by allowing items other than liquids to go down the drain.

Food scraps are the most frequent reason for a blocked sink in a Sydney kitchen. A few scraps will pass through the pipes with the water, but if you often throw your leftovers in the sink rather than the kitchen trash can, you’ll eventually get a blockage.

Grease waste is another issue and shouldn’t be put in the sink. Many fats are liquid at room temperature but solidify when heated. Fats are more prone to block your drains if they enter your pipes.

The most likely culprits for a blocked sink drain in a Sydney bathroom are soap scum and hair, which are more frequently found in bath and shower drains.

We’re asked how to unblock a drain all too often, only to discover that someone has been flushing foreign objects down the drain. And that can cause damage, and you might also find yourself ankle-deep in a stinky and unhealthy mess that leaves you with a hefty bill.

Your sinks are an essential and super-useful part of your plumbing system, so don’t let a little problem become massive and expensive by ignoring it.

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